Backlash was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event presented by RAW that took place in the Bobson WWE Universe of the SmackDown! vs RAW league. It was the first Backlash PPV.

The show was notable for being the first PPV of the league and this was also the first brand-exclusive PPV and promoted by RAW

The main event bout was a submission match between Shelton Benjamin and Stacy Keibler for the right to marry George Clooney.

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On RAW, Stacy Keibler announced her desire to get back with former lover George Clooney. However, Shelton Benjamin interrupted announcing that him and George have been having a secret relationship enfuriating Stacy. Shelton proceeded to attack Stacy to try and take her out of the picture. After several attacks, it was announced that the two would square off in the main event of Backlash, with the winner earning the right to marry George Clooney live on RAW!

Evolution introduced their newest member in Chuck Pulumbo on RAW, causing concern for the rest of the locker room. Edge, Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy formed an alliance to take Evolution down. It was announced that this new alliance and Evolution would face off in a hardcore six man tag team match at Backlash.

Kane, Molly Holly and Garrison Cade had developed quite the rivalry between themselves. Those four apparrently don't like each other, so the RAW GM booked a triple threat tables match with the winner getting an Intercontinental Title shot.

Victoria came out on RAW to cut a promo about not being the lady to mess with. Tajiri and Rhyno both came out to dispute her claims, both declaring themselves to be the "lady to mess with". Trish Stratus came out just to ask for a match on the Backlash PPV. The RAW GM settled it by declaring that there would be a fatal four way ladder match with the winner earning the right to be named the "Lady To Mess With".


# Match Stipulation Notes
1 Randy Orton and Chris Jericho def. Batista Two On One Tornado Handicap Match
  • Randy Orton and Chris Jericho kept fighting each other during the match after ruining each other's spots.
2 Christian def. Shawn Michaels and A-Train Triple Threat Hardcore Match For The Intercontinental Championship
3 Tajiri def. Victoria, Rhyno and Trish Stratus Fatal Four Way Ladder Match For The Right To Be Named "Not The Lady To Mess With"
  • Tajiri injured Rhyno after a suplex from the ladder to the outside.
4 Kane def. Garrison Cade and Molly Holly Triple Threat Tables Match To Determine The Number One Contender For The Intercontinental Championship
  • Kane and Molly Holly formed an alliance to take out Lance Cade, who in their eyes is a massive sexist.
5 Triple H, Ric Flair and Chuck Pulumbo def. Chris Benoit, Edge and Ric Flair Hardcore Six Man Tag Team Match
  • Matt Hardy, for some reason, didn't break up the pin when his partner Chris Benoit was rolled up by Ric Flair.
6 Shelton Benjamin def. Stacy Keibler Submission Match With The Winner Earning The Right To Marry George Clooney

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