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At Backlash, Christian won a triple threat hardcore match to become the Intercontinental Champion while Kane became the number one contender. Christian would take the fight to the number one contender with Knae feeling confident about winning the title. It was decided that because there was so much animosity between the two, they would have two matches. The first would be Kane teaming with his ally Batista to take on Christian and his partner Shawn Michaels in a elimination tables match. If Christian's team won, their match later on in the PPV would be non-title. In the second match, Kane would take on Christian and Randy Orton in a handicap match. 

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# Match Stipulation Notes
1 Triple H def. Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin-Clooney Triple Threat TLC Match
  • Triple H took it upon himself to put himself over, with two Pedigrees at the end to bury Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamiin.
2 Randy Orton and Chuck Pulumbo def. Garrison Cade and Stacy Keibler Tornando Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
  • Garrison Cade turned on Stacy after double-teaming her with Chuck Pulumbo.
3 Tajiri, Trish Stratus and A-Train def. Rhyno, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho Team Tajiri vs Team Rhino Elimination Tables Match
4 Batista and Kane def. Christian and Shawn Michaels Elimination Tables Match. If Christian's team won, the Kane/Christian match later on would be non-title. If Kane's team won, it would remain an Intercontinental Title match
  • The match was ruined by Batista being more interested in attacking Christian than actually winning the match. Him and Kane had words after the match.
5 Chris Benoit def. Edge, Molly Holly and Victoria Fatal Four Way Match to earn a shot at Tajiri for the right to be "Not The Lady To Mess With" The win was disputed as Edge had seemingly broken up the pin Benoit had on Victoria
6 Kane def. Christian (c) and Randy Orton Handicap Match for the Intercontinental Championship. If Kane pinned either Christian or Randy Orton, he would win the title. Kane pinned Orton to win the match and the title.