Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler currently a PART of the Bobson Wiki universe, with two incarnations of himself in the WWE 2K14 league. The original Brock Lesnar appears on the RAW brand, currenlty teaming with Chris Jericho as part of the Pauls Of Jericho. Brock Lesnar (Retro) appears on the RAW brand as well, after spending the majority of season one as a main-eventer on SmackDown!

History (WWE 2K14)Edit

History (WWE 2K15)Edit


  • Brock Lesnar won the WWE 2K14 Slammy award for LOL Moment Of The Year, when Paul Heyman turned on him with the clothesline heard around the world. The other nominations included Virgil winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Bobson's legendary Mark/Ryback rant and John Cena's random heel turn.

Championships and AccomplishmentEdit

WWE 2K15

  • WCW Tag Team Championship (1 Time w/Ryback)