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# Match Stipulations Notes
1 Mick Foley (c) def. Cody Rhodes Extreme Rules Match for the NXT Championship
2 Natalya def. Lita (c) Two Out Of 3 Falls Match for the Women's Championship
  • Natalya beat Lita in two straight falls
3 "The New Gay" Kofi Kingston (c) and Darren Young (c) def. "nWo" Kevin Nash and Bret Hart Tag Team Match For The ECW Tag Team Championship. Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee
4 Big John Studd def. Daniel Bryan (c) Submission Match for the United States Championship
  • Bobby Hennan was banned from ringside
5 Kane (c) def. Roman Reigns Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship
6 JBL (c) def. CM Punk I Quit Match for the ECW Championship
  • CM Punk legitimately quit the WWE after his loss.
7 Hulk Hogan (RAW) def. Sgt Slaughter (SmackDown!) Inter-Promotional Steel Cage Match
  • RAW earned a draft pick with this victory.

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