The King Of The Ring is a tournament held by WWE used a lot in the Bobson WWE universe.

New Year's Eve King Of The Ring 2014Edit

A King Of The Ring tournmanet took place on December 31st 2014 to commemarate with the Bobson Universe's first ever WWE 2K14 King Of The Ring. This was non-canon to the main 2k14 Universe which had just started as well. 16 superstars from the game were randomed for a random match-type tournament. The winner would be crowned the King Of 2014! The first round took place on December 31st, with the rest of the tournament finishing at the start of the new year. Duplicates were allowed, seeing Brock Lesnar fight two versions of Chris Jericho is successive rounds!

First RoundEdit

Hulk Hogan def. Sin Cara in a tables match (9 minutes)

Sgt. Slaughter def. Ricky Steamboat (8 minutes 45 seconds)

Ryback def. Christian in a ladder match (6 minutes)

Brock Lesnar (Retro) def. Drew McIntyre in a Last Man Standing match (4 minutes 30 seconds)

Alberto Del Rio def. Big John Studd in a submission match (8 minutes)

Ric Flair def. Dolph Ziggler in an Extreme Rules match (7 minutes)

Chris Jericho def. Big Show in a tables match (13 minutes)

Brock Lesnar def. Chris Jericho (Retro) in a backstage brawl (1 minute)

Quarter FinalsEdit

Hulk Hogan def. Sgt Slaughter in a Hell In A Cell match (6 minutes 30 seconds)

Ryback def. Brock Lesnar in a TLC match (11 minutes)

Alberto Del Rio def. Ric Flair in a Steel Cage match (2 minutes)

Chris Jericho def. Brock Lensar in a backstage brawl (2 minues 30 seconds)

Semi FinalsEdit

Ryback def. Hulk Hogan in a Steel Cage match (7 minutes 30 seconds)

Chris Jericho def. Alberto Del Rio in a backstage brawl (1 minute and 30 seconds)


Ryback def. Chris Jericho (7 minutes)

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