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Championship Current Champion (s) Reign Event Won Previous Champion (s) Notes
World Heavyweight Championship Bobby Lashley 1 No Way Out Jim Neidhart
World Tag Team Championship Maggle Heat (JBL and Booker T) 1 (1,1) New Year's Revolution Ric Flair and Chris Masters Tazz Actually Defended The Titles With Booker T At Wrestlemania As JBL Was In The Main Event
Intercontinetal Championship Gregory Helms 3 No Way Out Rob Van Dam
Hardcore Championship Steve Austin 1 2nd SmackDown! After No Way Out Sniskty Defeated Sniskty After He Lost To Umaga
Women's Championship Mickie James 1 Wrestlemania Melina Candice Michelle Was The Special Guest Referee
Million Dollar Championship Chris Benoit 1 Awarded Himself Championship At The Start Of Season (Became Active Before Wrestlemania) N/A

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