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NXT Championship

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# Champion Reign Event Notes
1 Mick Foley 1 START
  • Foley was crowned the inagural champion randomly chosen
2 Ricky Steambot 1 Over The Limit
3 Cody Rhodes 1 No Way Out
4 Ricky Steamboat 2 SmackDown! (July Week 4)
  • This was a ladder match
5 Cody Rhodes 2 SmackDown! (August Week 2)
6 Randy Savage 1 Hell in a Cell
  • Randy Savage accepted an open challenge issued by Cody
7 Cody Rhodes 3 Survivor Series
8 Dolph Ziggler 1 Royal Rumble
9 The Great Khali 1 SmackDown! (February Week 3)
10 Cody Rhodes 4 TLC
  • This was a fatal four TLC match also involing Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat
  • Rhodes was the champion going into WWE 2K15
  • The title was drafted to RAW as a result of the WWE 2K15 draft
11 Batista '03 1 Extreme Rules
  • This was a falls count anywhere match
12 R-Truth  1 RAW (August Week 4)
  • R-Truth answered an open challenge
13 Batista '03 2 Night Of Champions
14 Big Show 1 Royal Rumble
15 Sgt Slaughter 1 WrestleMania II
16 John Cena  1 SmackDown! (April Week 3)
  • John Cena won a best of five series against Slaughter in three straight matches. Cena's United States Championship was also on the line in this series.
17 UNIFIED - SmackDown! (April Week 3)
  • Cena unified the NXT title along with the US title as part of the best of five series against Slaughter. The NXT title was retired while Cena still reigned as the US champion.

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