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Joy Giovanni (c) vs Michelle McCool went a 0-0 draw in the ironman match  "The British Invasion" William Regal (c) and British Bulldog (c) def. Chris Benoit and Doug Basham, and Booker T and Muhammad Hassan in a triple threat hardcore tag team match Triple (c) def. Edge to retain the Intercontinental Championship The Rock def. Danny Basham (c), Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and Hollywood Hogan in an elimination chamber match to win the WWE ChampionshipEntrants: 1) Undertaker - 2) Austin - 3) Hogan - 4) Angle - 5) Danny - 6) RockEliminations: Austin pinned Hogan, Rock pinned Austin, Rock pinned Angle, Danny pinned Undertaker, Rock pinned Danny 

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