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# Match Stipulations Notes
1 Christian def. Charlie Haas, Chavo Guerrero, The Hurricane, Tajiri and Rey Mysterio  Six Man Elimination Match For The Cruiserweight Championship The title was vacated on SmackDown!
2 Edge def. Triple H (c) Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship
3 Andre The Giant (c) def. JBL Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4 The Rock (c) def. Undertaker Singles match for the WWE Championship
5 Triple H won the Royal Rumble Royal Rumble match We apologize...

Royal Rumble match entrances and eliminationsEdit

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By
1 Scotty 2 Hotty 1 Stevie Richards
2 Stevie Richards 6 Davari
3 Charlie Haas 4 Doug Basham
4 Mark Jindrak 5 Rob Conway and The Hurricane
5 Spike Dudley 2 Stevie Richards
6 Chavo Guerrero 3 The Hurricane and Mark Jindrak
7 The Hurricane 10 Heidenreich
8 Rob Conway 8 Danny Basham and The Hurricane
9 Doug Basham 7 Davari and Danny Basham
10 Danny Basham 13 Heidenreich and Booker T
11 Davari 11 Heidenreich
12 Heidenreich 18 Christian and Edge
13 William Regal 9 Danny Basham and The Hurricane
14 Tajiri 12 Big Show
15 Big Show 15 Carlito and Edge
16 Booker T 14 Heidenreich and Carlito
17 Carlito 16 Edge and Muhammad Hassan
18 Edge 22 Steve Austin
19 Muhammad Hassan 19 Edge and Christian
20 JBL 17 Muhammad Hassan
21 Christian 20 Randy Orton and Edge
22 Randy Orton 26 Kurt Angle
23 British Bulldog 23 Randy Orton and Spiderman
24 Rey Mysterio 21 Chris Benoit
25 Chris Benoit 28 Triple H and Kurt Angle
26 Spiderman 25 Triple H and Kurt Angle
27 Steve Austin 27 Triple H
28 Mankind 24 Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit
29 Triple H - WINNER
30 Kurt Angle 29 Triple H

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