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# Match Stipulations Notes
1 Charlie Haas (c) vs Big Show vs JBL ended in a disqualification. Triple Threat match for the United States Championship
  • JBL attacked the referee while trying to break up the pin. Charlie Haas retained the title due to the DQ finish
2 The Rock, British Bulldog and William Regal def. Triple H, Edge and Chris Benoit Three-On-Three Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match
  • British Bulldog and William Regal were the sole survivors
3 Andre The Giant (c) def. John Cena, Booker T and The Hurricane Elimination Fatal Four Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4 Undertaker def. Hollywood Hogan (c) Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • The Undertaker came out to "Pretty" by The Cranberries and Hogan came out to the nWo theme.
  • The Undertaker hit six tombstone piledrivers on Hogan!
5 Steve Austin def. Mankind RAW vs SmackDown! Buried Alive match. The winner will get the #30 spot in the Royal Rumble
  • Steve Austin came out to the "Beat Debra" song.

Survivor Series Elimination MatchEdit

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated By Way of Elimination
1 The Rock The British Invasion Rockers N/A Count Out
2 Chris Benoit The Canadian Burials William Regal Pin Fall
3 Edge The Canadian Burials British Bulldog Submission
4 Triple H The Canadian Burials British Bulldog Pin Fall

Elimination Fatal Four Way MatchEdit

Elimination Wrestler Eliminated By Way of Elimination
1 The Hurricane Andre The Giant Submission
2 John Cena Andre The Giant Pin Fall
3 Booker T Andre The Giant Pin Fall

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