Terminator T2 is a professional wrestler currently a member of the Bobson Wiki universe in the WWE 2K universe as part of the SmackDown! brand. He currently reigns as the United States and Hardcore Champion.

He debuted in 2K16 as one of the only two people NOT affliated with professional wrestling to be in the universe. Despite this, he's still played a huge role in the SmackDown! universe. After a quiet first few months, he shot into stardom with his King of the Ring conquest. He defeated SmackDown! Commisioner Shane McMahon to win the Hardcore title and would go on to defend it successfully against all-comers in the King of the Ring tournament. He made the finals of the tournament, where he defeated John Cena to win his United States Championshop as well as the King of the Ring crown. Due to his win, he will be headlining SummerSlam against the WWF Champion.


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Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

WWE 2K16Edit

  • Hardcore Championship (1 Time)
  • United States Championship (1 Time)
  • King of the Ring winner