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# Match Stipulation Notes
1 Renee Dupree and Torrie Wilson def. Charlie Haas and Undertaker Number One Contendership Match For The WWE Tag Team Championship. If Renee Dupree pinned Charlie Haas, he would also get a Cruiserweight Championship match. Booker T was the special guest referee.
  • Booker T would count very slowly for Chalie Haas while he would just not count at all for the Undertaker.
  • At the end, Booker attacked Torrie Wilson but fast counted for Renee when he pinned Charlie.
2 Rico, Big Show and Chavo Guerrero def. Rob Van Dam Three On One Handicap Match
  • Despite being partners, Rico and Chavo kept attacking each other due to personal hatred between the two.
  • Rico insisted on getting the pin so much that he actually broke up his own partner's pins.
3 Eddie Guerrero and Bubba Ray Dudley def. Rey Mysterio and Scotty 2 Hotty Number One Contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championship. ECW Tribute Steel Cage Match. If Scotty and Rey won, Scotty would be patched into the Aces And Eights
4 Hardcore Holly, Tizer and Sable def. D-Von Dudley, JBL and John Cena Six Man Tag Team Tables Match
  • John Cena turned on the Aces And Eights.
5 Mark Jindrak def. Kurt Angle Number One Contendership Ladder Match For The WWE Championship
  • Kurt was really hurt by a crossbody by Jindrak onto him and a ladder.
6 Booker T def. Torrie Wilson, Sable and JBL Fatal Four Way Ladder Match For The WWE Championship

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