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# Champion Reign Event Notes
1 Nikki Bella 1 Backlash
  • Nikki Bella introduced the championship after retiring the NXT Women's Championship
2 Brie Bella 1 Hell in a Cell
  • This was a fatal four way match also involving Cameron and Natalya
3 Naomi 1 Saturday Night's Main Event
  • Brie Bella stole the championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view
  • Naomi officially lost custody of the championship belt to Brie Bella on the February, Week 1 edition of SmackDown!, but was still technically the champion
4 Brie Bella 2 Elimination Chamber
  • This was a ladder match
5 Summer Rae 1 WrestleMania II
  • This was a triple threat match also involving Natalya
6 Brie Bella 3 NXT (April Week 3)
7 Nikki Bella 2 NXT (May Week 3)
8 Alicia Fox 1 Money In The Bank
  • This was a fatal four way match also involving Brie Bella and Summer Rae
9 Nikki Bella 3 NXT (July Week 2)
10 Alicia Fox 2 SmackDown! (July Week 3)
11 Paige 1 SmackDown! (August Week 2)
  • This was an elimination six woman match also involving Layla, Cameron, Emma and Nikki Bella
12 Alicia Fox 3 SmackDown! (August Week 3)
13 Paige 2 SmackDown! (August Week 4)
  • This was an elimination triple threat match also involving Nikki Bella

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