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# Champion Reign Event Notes
1 Kane 1 START
  • Kane was randomly selected to be the first champion
2 Undertaker 1 Survivor Series
3 Mick Foley 1 Survivor Series
  • Mick Foley cashed in Money In The Bank following Undertaker's title victory against Kane
4 Virgil 1 SmackDown! (December Week 2)
5 Kane 2 TLC 
  • This was a fatal four way TLC match also involving Undertaker and Mick Foley. If Kane won, he'd be freed from the Ministry of Markness
6 Undertaker 2 Elimination Chamber
  • This was an elimination chamber match also involving Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and Antonio Cesaro
  • Undertaker unified the World Heavyweight and ECW titles at WrestleMania and took the World title into WWE 2K15 as the champion.
  • The World Heavyweight title was drafted to RAW in WWE 2K15
7 Randy Orton 1 Extreme Rules (WWE 2K15)
  • This was a triple threat extreme rules match also involving Cesaro.
  • Undertaker allowed Randy Orton to win.
8 Undertaker '01 1 Extreme Rules (WWE 2K16)
  • This was an Inferno match
9 Triple H 1 Money In The Bank
10 Daniel Bryan 1 Money In The Bank
  • Daniel Bryan cashed in Money in the Bank on Triple H after his title win against Undertaker '01
11 Triple H 2 RAW (July Week 1)
12 Undertaker '01 2 Battleground
  • This was a triple threat match also involving Daniel Bryan