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# Match Stipulation Notes
1 Tizer (c) def. Mankind (c) 15 Minute Submission Match For The United States Championship and the Hardcore Championship
  • The match finished 6-5.
2 Jimmy Snuka and Brutus Beefcake def Randy Orton and Chuck Pulumbo, and Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam Triple Threat Hardcore Tag Team Match. This was the SmackDown! vs RAW vs Legend Series Final
3 "Harlem Heat" Booker T and Scotty 2 Hotty def. Bubba Ray Dudley (c) and Rene Dupree (c) Tag Team Match With Garrison Cade as the Special Guest Referee for the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Rene turned on Bubba.
  • Garrison Cade was drunk during this match and sometimes forgot to make the count.
4 Batitsa, Hawk and Ric Flair def. Kurt Angle, D-Von Dudley and Chavo Guerrero Six Man Tag Team Match
  • D-Von and Chavo turned their backs on their Aces And Eights leader Kurt Angle
5 Tajiri def. Rhyno, The Rock and Chris Benoit Fatal Four Way Match For The Right To Not Be The Lady To Mess With
6 Batista def. Kane (c) and Shawn Michaels Triple Threat Ladder Match For The Intercontinental Championship
7 Mark Jindrak (c) def. Hardcore Holly Singles Match For The World Heavyweight Championship
  • This seemed like a double turn as Jindrak started to cheat during the match
8 Andre The Giant won the Charlie Haas Invitational Battle Royal Five Man Elimination Match 
  • Other entrants included Masked Kane, Charlie Haas, Trish Stratus and Roddy Piper
9 Edge, Christian and Rhyno def. Undertaker, Rico and Shelton Benjamin Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match
  • Order of Eliminations: Rico pinned Christian, Rhyno pinned Rico, Shelton pinned Rhyno, Edge pinned Shelton, Edge pinned Undertaker
  • Undertaker's went 0-2 at Wrestlemania in the Bobson Universe
10 Eddie Guerrero def. JBL (c) Singles Match For The WWE Championship

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